Thank You, Sugar, Fries and Cheeseburger! 

It’s like the worst break-up you’ve ever had. No one ever told you it would be like this. The pain and suffering, the heart ache and the sick feeling in your gut. Never in a million years would I ever have believed that I was in love with sugar. I was not a dessert kid….

Together IS Better: 5 Nutritional Food Synergies

  Science tells us that some foods increase their nutritional value or importance to the body when they are consumed with other foods. This “Together is Better” effect  is called “Food Synergy.” There are many of these food synergies to consider and there is a growing body of evidence showing the benefits of eating certain foods in…

The Beauty of Real Food

I have come to appreciate the colors of the food we eat. When I visit the grocer or the Farmer’s Market, the colors are strikingly beautiful. Take a moment and be mindful of this the next time you shop. What do all those colors mean nutritionally? According to the experts, a whole healthy bunch!  For example,…

16 Super Foods and A Greek Physician Help Kick-off National Nutrition Month!

March is National Nutrition month. It seems fitting to have my first blog post of the month explore the famous quote by Greek Physician Hippocrates who said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.  There are troves of studies that show science-based connections between the food we eat and the improvement of our health….