Thank You, Sugar, Fries and Cheeseburger! 

It’s like the worst break-up you’ve ever had. No one ever told you it would be like this. The pain and suffering, the heart ache and the sick feeling in your gut. Never in a million years would I ever have believed that I was in love with sugar. I was not a dessert kid. I didn’t go crazy for candy bars or twizzlers. No, my sugar love was the love of cheeseburgers, french fries, pasta, bread, potato chips and savory crackers loaded with cheese. I loved them so and my relationship with them I thought was a good one. We were happy. Not really. I was tired, overweight and my joints hurt. It wasn’t until a little education came my way and I knew I was on to something. As a professional serial yo-yo dieter, I could not figure out why I could lose weight successfully and then just gain it all back.  My body was confused, tired and not getting the energy it needed because of the highs and lows of my insulin levels that eating the junky carbs was perpetuating. The correct term is “insulin resistant,” although I had never heard that term until much later. I truly never knew that my body made sugar out of the food I ate and that all food was in fact not created equally. I had to stop- cold turkey- or face some potentially very serious health problems. When I broke up with my partner in crime,  I thought I had the flu. I was miserable. But I pushed thru the fires of hell and what happened after about two weeks was nothing short of miraculous. Once I stopped eating excess sugar and simple carbohydrates and stabilized my blood sugar levels, I felt great. I lost weight and my joints felt fine. I came off my high blood pressure medication. I was less cranky (seriously–ask my kids!) and I began to crave vegetables. Yep. That’s what I said. Two years later,  I have found healthier alternatives for the majority of my former buddies–have you ever tried  rutabaga fries? OMG. I truly don’t know who I am anymore. But you know what? I recently realized how much “head space” was occupied by my desire to become healthier.  As I continue adding new healthier habits,  that space that was formerly blocked is now available to discover and receive other gifts. So “Thank you,” old friends– sugar, cheeseburger, pizza and fries- without you, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to begin anew. I am so grateful for this journey and even more grateful to walk beside others on their own journey. 

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