My Pilates Adventure-Post #1: “Hello We are Here , We are Here!”

Ok, so many of you know, I have started my Pilates journey. After losing over 115 pounds, I have been walking for excersise and was now ready for some strengthening and conditioning to add to my routine. Through a wonderful twist of fate, I met the owners of our new local Club Pilates in Framingham and was invited to help them with their recent grand opening. After watching an entire day of demo classes, and taking one myself, I decided to sign up for a membership. Yesterday was my first class.

First of all, I have to come clean and confess that I am not a natural exerciser. I have to work very hard to motivate myself to move. I also have discovered that I need the positive power of a small group setting coupled with low impact and structure to help me achieve my goals. Pilates appears to fits that bill.

My first class was net-net positive. It was difficult on the one hand because I had to acquaint myself with the language, equipment and form of Pilates. However, I had moments when the stretching and motions felt so wonderful that I was a bit giddy. Huzzah! Have I possibly found something that might work for my body? My instructor was patient, kind, funny and concerned with “form.” Form in Pilates comes in both ‘body form’ for safety and effectiveness as well as the appreciation of Pilates as an ‘art form’ that is full of grace and tradition! I loved this concept- art- I like art. There were times when movements felt like ‘dancing in air’ or ‘swimming in space’ and yet this was indeed a ‘no joke’ workout. This is a full body, energy efficient, mind and body workout and it was doable.

I felt good at the end of the 50 minute class. My brain was tired from newbie concentration and my body was ready to rest too. What would I feel like in the morning? My past experiences with workouts have left me nearly crippled and ready to give up before beginning. I was cautiously optimistic.

Upon waking this morning, I could indeed feel that I had engaged muscles that had not seen the light of day in quite some time. But, it was different. Instead of being crippled, it felt good! It was as if the muscles had awoken from a deep slumber and said, “Remember us? We are here, we are here!”, much like The Who people  in Whoville who call out to Horton. As the day went on, most of any soreness was gone. I went for a long hike and I signed up for two more classes this week. No Pilates party yet, but a personal first class success. Hey- I have to celebrate the small wins!  

Thanks Club Pilates for a great first class and a positive beginning to my new adventure. See you in class tomorrow!
(PS: I receive no compensation from ClubPilates for  blogging about my experiences)

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