My Pilates Adventure: Post #2: Feeling More “Grounded” and Strong!

It’s been two months of 2-3 Pilates classes per week. In just eight weeks, I am beginning to feel stronger and my balance has improved. The most interesting part of all of this has been the unexpected  awareness of my feet and their connection to the earth. This may sound strange, however, the focus of Pilates on form and alignment from head to toe creates a grounding that I’ve never experienced before. 

The other area of strength that is increasing is in my core. The Pilates core building movements are small, deep and focused. When I began,  core roll-ups were out of my reach as were planks. Now I can do roll-ups with variations and hold a respectable plank! This is great progress for me and I am very excited!

I’m always amazed at how fantastic I feel after class- positive, energized, strong and flexible! This is what keep me going back for more; a feeling which had been missing from prior attempts at consistent exercise routines.

 You know what we say, “The best exercise is the one you’ll do!”

I’m loving Pilates and am grateful to have found this practice. A giant thank you to Club Pilates in Framingham- Amy, Kelly, Mike, Tammy, Adam, Tanya, Pam and the rest of the crew! It’s a great family to be a part of! 

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