Brussels Sprouts on the Grill? Yes, the Grill!

Brussels Sprouts are an excellent source of Vitamins C and K and also have some good       B Vitamins including folic acid and Vitamin B6. While many people don’t enjoy them, the root of their dislike is sometimes in how they are prepared. The tastiest way I have found to prepare these mini cabbages, is roasting or grilling. Since it’s Summer, grilling is easy breezy and a wonderful accompaniment for just about anything you’d grill.

Grilled Brussels Sprouts are just amazing! You’ll need a grill pan that fits your grill. Wash and cut sprouts in half. Toss in a bag or bowl with Olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, sea salt, fresh ground black pepper. You could also add some Parmesan cheese. Place Sprouts on grill pan. Arrange in a single layer. I arrange with cut side down first. Grill about 5-8 minutes with cover closed. Toss to turn. Cook another few minutes until done.


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