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I’m Kathleen Larson Day a.k.a “KLD”. Paradox Health and Wellness guides people on their journey towards better health. I am a Master Certified Health Coach partnering with adults to achieve health and wellness goals as defined by YOU, the expert on what is right for your body and being.

After losing over 100 pounds, my continued personal health journey to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle prompted a desire to help others achieve their goals. I attended the Dr Sears Wellness Institute, an accredited school by the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching and received both my Health Coach and Master Health Coach Certifications.  Prior to becoming a Health Coach, I was an executive in the Healthcare Software Industry for over twenty years.

My practice focus areas are in achieving weight loss or weight maintenance goals through real food, clean eating, and discovering and implementing work-life balance strategies.

Losing weight and making health and wellness improvements can be very difficult given the busy lives we lead. Making lasting changes that matter can be even more challenging. Regular guidance from a health coach trained in behavior change coupled with science-based knowledge about how food, lifestyle, attitude and exercise impact us physiologically helps us make more informed choices and achieve our goals.

With your expertise about you and a little bit of guidance from the right partner, you can unlock the motivation to making lasting health changes that matter. There’s a Coach in your corner!  Contact me today.