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Private Health Coaching packages with Kathleen Larson Day, Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach are available in either 8-session  or 12-session packages. Coaching Sessions can be spread weekly or bi-weekly over time and can be held in person, on the phone or via Skype.  My expertise focuses on supporting adults in making changes that create a healthier lifestyle.  My practice focus areas are in achieving weight loss or weight maintenance goals through real food, clean eating, and discovering and implementing work-life balance strategies.

Initial Coaching Packages

Each Health Coaching package includes the following:

  • Health coaching sessions (typically 45-60 minutes per session) conducted in person at my Framingham, MA office, by phone or via Skype/ We can mix and match methods or choose one.
  • Text, email or phone support in between sessions based upon your preference
  • Handouts to support your goals [Menu planners, recipes, useful articles, food journals, etc.]

Health Coaching Package 1:

Health Coaching Package 2:

Subsequent Follow Up Sessions

Upon completing   an 8 or 12 week health coaching package, clients will choose to either renew their 8 or 12 week package or move to a monthly maintenance/follow-up package.

Monthly Health coaching sessions (45-60 minutes) are purchased 3 months at a time. This subsequent package can be renewed on an ongoing basis as desired.

Contact me for a consultation.

Pantry Make Over/ Group Label Reading Party

During this 2-hour session at your home, we will discuss your food preferences, and how to read labels like a pro!  Together we will learn about top food additives, their impact on our health and how to identify them. We will then become detectives within your own pantry (or look at sample items that your guests bring) and discuss alternative products that we could swap out as needed. This is loads of fun while creating a foundation for healthier eating.

Do this solo or invite your friends and make it a party!


  • 2-hour session
  • Label reading best practices
  • Pocket guide to identifying the top most dangerous food additives and chemicals in our foods
  • Hands on label reading experience   using your own pantry. If hosting a group, ask friends to bring their favorite snacks and we will read labels together!

 Solo in your home: $125

 Group of Friends in your home (4 person minimum plus hostess): $ 25 each person.

o   If 5 attendees (excluding the hostess) the hostess attends for free!  Special gift raffle included in party.

Contact me to schedule!

Let’s Go Shopping!

Knowing how to plan meals and shop within a budget for healthy, nutritious food is a skill we all can learn! With a little bit of guidance and planning, you can create and shop for healthy meals that will help you feel more energized and eliminate toxic food ingredients and chemicals that could be making you feel lousy.

You will plan a menu and shopping list then we will set out together to fill your grocery cart with healthy foods that meet your budget. We will also brainstorm on possible substitutes for some of the unhealthier favorites! This is fun and totally doable—best of all, you will have an answer for the dreaded question, “What’s for dinner?”

  • 60 minute prep for shopping. Menu planning technique, food list, budgeting
  • 60 minute shopping trip at your favorite grocery store
  • Label reading best practices
  • Pocket guide to identifying the top most dangerous food additives and chemicals in our foods

Menu Planning and Shopping Trip Package: $150

Contact me to schedule!


Prime Time Health Workshops

This series of four, interactive 90-minute workshops has been developed for your adult group or organization. Prime Time Health is a scientifically proven program for feeling young and living longer. This educational series was created by Dr. William Sears of The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, a physician, nutrition expert and author of 39 books. Classes are suitable for adult learners of all ages. Perfect for Community Organizations, Corporate Wellness Programs, Business Team Events, Adult Education Programs, Church or Synagogue Wellness Programs, Independent Living Facility Education and patient panels of Primary Care Physicians seeking an innovative way to improve their quality scores. Online classes using a state of the art educational platform are also available. The purpose of these classes is to inspire adults to take better care of themselves as they approach the prime of their life. For more information on how your group may benefit from the Prime Time Health Workshops, contact me today!

The purpose of these classes is to educate and to inspire adults in the prime of their life.

For Public Prime Time Health Course Information, Dates and Rates click here.

Paradox Educational Series                 Check the Online  Class Schedule Here

Based upon the Prime Time Health content, KLD has developed a series of shorter but fun and interactive classes or exhibits for adults that can be a cornerstone of a Wellness Program for a Community, Business or Organization. All courses can be delivered online, in a classroom setting or exhibition style. Perfect for Corporate Team Meetings, Health & Wellness Related Business Events or Grand Openings, Health Fairs, Farmer’s Markets, and other Community Events. Delivering excellent and useful content in a way that makes people excited about living a healthier lifestyle and curious to learn more is our specialty!

  • Become A Food Label Detective
  • Demystifying Fats and Cooking Oils
  • What’s Your Holiday Survival Strategy?
  • Are You an iBod? (Inflammation)
  • Eat Real Food!
  • Have an Answer for the Dreaded Question, “What’s For Dinner?” (Meal Planning)
  • Boost Your Immune System

If you’d like me to create a course for your group or community, contact me today!

Speaking Engagementsspeaking-engagements
Engage Kathleen to work with your group to inspire better self-care and living well in a busy world. Speaking engagements can be tailored to a topic of your choice and built for a specific time duration. To add meaningful information, humor, inspiration and fun to your next business meeting, conference or event, contact me directly!


The MetroWest Health Transformation Project

This is KLD’s pure passion. Businesses or Community groups working collaboratively can help influence better health. Contact us to learn more about this important project and how your organization can be a part of the solution to solving the healthcare crisis.

A healthy community is a thriving community!