Kathleen and Paradox Health and Wellness have not only changed my life, they have SAVED my life! What I learned in their workshops has helped me come off my diabetes medicine over time and I treat my body better. In the process I have lost 56 pounds so far and feel great about myself again.

-Pam Davis

After suffering a massive heart attack, I started taking class with Kathleen Larson Day. My doctors have been so impressed with the knowledge I have gained and the weight I have lost. All I can say is that my life has been changed forever.

-Tom Davis

“Kathleen has had a measurable positive influence on the employees here at Fitts Insurance Agency.  In our efforts to create a healthier work environment, all employees participated in the 4 part class given by Kathleen.  The great reception to the classes led us to do a monthly Lunch-and-learn.  The byproduct of all that we do with Kathleen is seen every day in our lunchroom- with healthier meal choices, walks during breaks by many employees and weight loss goals being achieved and maintained.  Health in the workplace can no longer focus on offering sick time.  Wellness needs to be the focus.  Kathleen has shown us the way…Thank you so much”

-Susan McCarthy, Systems Administrator, Fitts Insurance Agency


“I am near completion of the first phase of Kathleen’s program, and will have lost fully one-third of my body weight.  The remarkable thing is, I haven’t been hungry once.  I have always equated weight loss with starvation, it was the only way I knew how.  And it never worked over time.  However, this is decidedly not a diet but a complete change in lifestyle, one that will be sustainable for the remainder of my life. And it’s not just the weight, I feel better in every way – mood, energy, self-esteem.

Although the unwavering support Kathleen provides is extremely beneficial, the most important thing is that I could have never figured this out on my own.  Never.  As such, I owe a debt to Kathleen so large that it is simply unpayable.”

-David Eichenbaum


“KLD has helped me immensely.  I feel better and sleep better, working out four times a week and eating healthier. Kathleen is a great motivator, she provided me with the tools/knowledge to live a healthier active lifestyle and an added bonus of losing weight.”



“I worked for 12 weeks with Kathleen and it was a wonderful and eye opening experience.  Not only did I learn more about how to make healthier choices, and the L.E.A.N. lifestyle,  I also learned more about myself than I expected.  I was able to work through some ‘baggage’ and I learned to appreciate myself for who I am, not for how others may perceive me. Kathleen reminded me that I am the expert on myself and to embrace that.  She helped me to understand that success can be measured in small tasks, and by breaking projects down and to not beat myself up, get overwhelmed, or listen to the ‘stinking’ thinking.’  She is such a wonderful cheerleader & listener.  She is ready to support you wherever you are!”

-Debbie C.


“I have been taking classes with Kathleen for about 6 months now.  I find that Kathleen is refreshing.  She is easy to listen to and understand.  She makes you look forward to her next class.  I have been learning how our body works which I find fascinating.  Kathleen also is reinforcing things we already do but with a new way to look at them.  A great example is label reading.  I really thought I already knew how to do this but there are hidden items that we all should know about in our food that I know I was not aware of until Kathleen showed us in our Label reading class.  I urge you to give Kathleen a chance.  You will not be disappointed!”

-Valerie Meadows